Thursday, October 1, 2009

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

In honor of this important annual event, Rev. Susan Chorley and other Renewal House staff, interns, volunteers and residents will be contributing to a daily blog that addresses the reality of domestic violence, life in a domestic violence shelter, and the joys and trials of this work and ministry with individuals and families who have experienced abuse in a wide variety of forms.

We hope this blog will provide you with insight, inspire questions, and convey a sense of the work we do as well as the reality for so many families in our communities who struggle to heal from family abuse and violence.

Don’t tell me you love me
~poem from the movie of the same name by Thato Mwosa

Don’t tell me you love me then wrap me in hardened pain stained sheets of your reality
My skin can’t breathe through righteous sin
I have tasted my own blood – it is not sweet
It does not bring me closer to soul
It does not give me strength
So don’t tell me you love me
Give me bitter heart pain and endless accusations
Give me crushed spirit and dead dreams
Give me bruised lip and blackened eye
Give me constant body pain and tear soaked pillow sleep
You see I have taught myself to swallow it one mouthful of blood at a time
I can almost hold it down now
But just don’t talk nauseating sugar to me
Don’t tell me that you love me
You can crucify me in unholy sacrifice
At the bleeding altar of all the wrongs you say make me worthy of torture
You can slap me down and call me that whore
That biblical Jezebel whore
But just don’t tell me that you love me anymore.

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